Corporate Social Responsibility
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“Making better products, creating a better society” is JAC enterprise's core value. JAC not only strives to enhance people's working and living conditions through making better and higher quality vehicles but also proactively seeks to contribute to the global society's welfare through its various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

To achieve a common progress of the overall value chain, JAC is commited to keeping up with the trend of social progress through system innovation and accurate  application of safe, energy-saving and environmental friendly technology.

Through enhancing compliance management and credit management, improving corporate governance, strengthening the internal control system and investor relationship management, JAC achieves a better integrity management by timely and accurately disclosure of information.

By focusing on the customer experience, ongoing customer satisfaction survey and defective auto recall, JAC continues to improve its service quality.

Local Contribution, Social Welfare, Environmental Protection

JAC contributes to the local market by actively conducting its tax payment and increasing opportunities of employments.


JAC also guides all the employees to enthusiastically participate in charity, focusing on vulnerable groups as the assistance objects, JAC also actively carries out volunteer activities.


Advocating E-office working, JAC carries out environmental protection activities, such as putting 2693 units of new energy pure electric vehicles into the market.

Cultural Cultivation

Based on the characteristics of its own development, JAC actively participates in social responsibility training conferences held by the China Federation of Industrial Economics and the Provincial Federation of Industrial Economics and selectively imports advanced social responsibility management philosophy of the whole world.


At the mean time, taking the advantage of full training platform, JAC carries out full social responsibility training and activities to enhance the employees' overall awareness of social responsibility at least once a year.

CSR Reports & UN Collaborations

Since 2009,JAC has continuously released 3 editions of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports, which Comprehensively and objectively disclosured the concept and performance of its social responsibility.


The report has become an important tool to strengthen communication with stakeholders, spread the concept of social responsibility and improve enterprise management mode.


JAC actively took part in UN projects, and it has implemented 16 foreign aid projects in 2012. As identity of an aid-foreign enterprise, JAC has successfully won the bid for the aid of East Timor ambulance project.


Until now, JAC has registered in 6 relevant organizations of the United Nations which have independent purchase rights and successfully won the bid for the United Nations children's fund procurement project.