Chidiac Motors

Chidiac Motors  started its business venture in 1963 with a dedicated passion for automotives and a strong determination to create  better solutions & added values for the  industry. What started initially as a family business grew over the time  in reputation, market expertise, products and services.  Today,  Chidiac Motors not only has over 40 years of combined experience in pre-owned car sales and after sales services, but it is also among the leaders in the Lebanese market in the pre-owned car sector and an entrepreneur  in its venture with Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd. This  venture introduced yet the best in  added value in terms of quality, comfort and price through  JAC passenger and commercial cars. Thus, serving both the B2B & B2C Lebanese markets.   After a year, Chidiac Motors acquired another Chinese brand called DFSK which has a full line of micro commercial vehicles. Hence introducing to the Lebanese market smart solutions to cut down cost in their business transportation.


Chidiac Motors remains committed to its mission to  proactively seek the  fulfillment of all the needs of its clientele with excellent products and services.